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Flights of fantasy, adventure, and sci-fi


About me

I was born sometime in the past century in Milan, Italy, but in my teenage years I attended an American school in Switzerland. My love for the English language and for traveling (despite having zero sense of direction) stems from those four magical years on Lake Zürich.

I hold a Master’s degree and a PhD in Italian Linguistics and have been, in turn, university researcher, translator, and transcriptionist. I'm currently a school teacher. In non-fiction, I published a few academic essays and co-authored two books about the weight of English loanwords in the Italian language. 

Although I've been making up stories since childhood and striving to manage the rest of my life in between, the six-book series The Legend of the Winged People is my first published work of fiction.

I currently live in the South of Italy with my family, who are still learning to cope with my basically living in dreamland.

In The Press


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