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The Shikazi Karaka
The Legend of the Winged People  - Book 3



After The Conspiracy and The Torn Map, Pam and David’s journey continues in The Shikazi Karaka, the third installment of The Legend of the Winged People series.


I see you, Pameluna.

I’m waiting for you.

Come to me alone, and I’ll tell you who you are.


Kanakis’s chalet, with its potential clues to Pam's mysterious past, has burned to ashes, but David and Pam aren’t ready to give up. A new lead takes them to the magical city of Paris, where the archeologist who holds the key to the blue-haired girl's identity had his last appointment. An appointment the duo intends to keep, no matter what The Organization and the killer Vitteris do to prevent it.


With the generous but elusive Fly ready to save the day and a quirky transvestite as a Fairy Godmother, David and Pam face their next hurdles: seeking out Lenny, the author of the chimera rendition, and juggling their blossoming romance, while avoiding the final showdown with death.

Among suspenseful train rides, luxurious parties, extraordinary powers awakening, and the sparkling atmosphere of the Ville Lumière, David and Pam discover that help may come from the least likely direction, and that there’s a fine line between good and evil. A line they may be ready to cross themselves.

The Shikazi Karaka is the third book in The Legend of the Winged People, a fast-paced, serialized six-book adventure set in various locations across the globe with a compelling cast of unforgettable characters.


Join David and Pam as they battle overwhelming odds against caped killers and shady criminals in their hunt for a missing archeologist, a superhuman race, and—above all—their own place in the world.


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