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The Torn Map
The Legend of the Winged People  - Book 2

A map. A chase. A book that holds the key to the past... and the future.
After The Conspiracy, the search for Pam’s identity and the location of archeologist Aristides Kanakis continues in The Torn Map, book 2 in The Legend of the Winged People series.


Take your search through to the end.
Follow the clues and you’ll reach him.

Time is of the essence.

David and Pam leave Crete aboard a fishing boat used for people smuggling to look for Professor Kanakis, the one person who might have the answers to Pam’s mysterious origins. In Athens, they meet Kanakis’s niece, Sophia, a resourceful soon-to-be Egyptologist with a penchant for martial arts and dangerous stunts, who’s just as worried as David and Pam about her missing uncle.

As the trio investigate Kanakis’s abduction and work to uncover the controversial subject of his latest research, they encounter shipwrecks and bombings, a thrilling ride on a WWII plane, and a visit to a picturesque chalet in the Swiss Alps that might just be a death trap.

With Victor and Mary Anne hot on their heels and the killer Vitteris still on the loose, David and Pam will go to any length to protect the map and save their families from a mastermind plotting in the shadows.

The Torn Map is the second book in The Legend of the Winged People, an exciting serialized six-book adventure that traverses the globe with a compelling cast of characters and fast-paced action.

Join David and Pam as they battle overwhelming odds against caped killers and shady criminals in their hunt for a missing archeologist, a superhuman race, and—above all—their own place in the world.

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