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The Conspiracy
The Legend of the Winged People  - Book 1

A map. A treasure. A secret to be unraveled. A young writer and a girl with a deadly medallion cross paths on the journey of a lifetime.


One day she shall return to claim her rightful place.

It is not in your power to stop her.

Her name is Pameluna shikazi karakas.


Quiet, fifteen-year-old Pamela Kendall is a loner with blue hair and a talent for talking to animals. Life in her beloved African village is uneventful until an unexpected discovery rocks her world: her parents have been concealing the truth behind Pam’s unusual appearance, her exceptional abilities, and the pendant she’s worn since she was a child and can’t let anyone else touch. With a message in a bottle and an ancient map as her only leads, Pam sets out on a dangerous quest to unlock her true identity.


David Thompson is an introverted sixteen-year-old, an aspiring novelist, and a misfit. His siblings are cooler, his social circle tiny, and he can’t shrug his reputation as a klutz and a dreamer. When a conspiracy tied to inexplicable phenomena brings him and Pam together, David is forced to leave his comfort zone and become the hero he never thought he could be. But what lies behind The Conspiracy, and why is David the chosen one?


The Conspiracy is the first book in The Legend of the Winged People, a fast-paced, serialized six-book adventure set in various locations across the globe with a compelling cast of unforgettable characters.

Join David and Pam as they battle overwhelming odds against caped killers and shady criminals in their hunt for a missing archeologist, a superhuman race, and—above all—their own place in the world.

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