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The Five Seals
The Legend of the Winged People  - Book 4


After The Conspiracy, The Torn Map, and The Shikazi Karaka, in The Five Seals, the highly anticipated fourth installment of The Legend of the Winged People, the adventure continues in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, where mystery and peril await.


To open the entrance of the city, Zalarkas must put together the five seals,

the imperial family heirlooms that represent the natural elements.

And he’ll stop at nothing to achieve it.


David and Pam have been separated just as their tender romance was starting to bloom. Determined to rescue his love, David embarks on a treacherous journey to Peru, navigating frayed rope bridges and evading the jaws of hungry caimans. Fortunately, Sophia, Victor, and Mary Anne have his back, but will David’s diplomatic skills be enough to keep his contentious team united?


Inside a secluded mansion, Pam confronts Zalarkas, the leader of the shikazi karaka, a tormented soul, intimidating yet capable of unsuspected tenderness. While Pam wonders if she can trust his story of justice and utopia or if it’s a mere game of smoke and mirrors, she learns a hard lesson when she finally comes to terms with who she really is.

Passion, betrayal, acts of courage and camaraderie merge into an intoxicating blend as our heroes fight to survive, endeavor to collect the five precious seals, and search for a lost city that might change their destinies forever.

The Five Seals is the fourth book in The Legend of the Winged People, a six-book rollercoaster ride with a cast of unforgettable characters.

Join David and Pam as they battle overwhelming odds against human and superhuman antagonists, conquer their deepest fears, and face the most difficult choices

they’ll ever have to make.


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